Create a plan to achieve systems change that leads to more equitable workplace.

For many of us, we wish we could just jump to action. As leaders within organizations, we are often trained to problem solve. To jump to action. The work of race equity is a continual process, and “Action” looks different for every organization. We believe so much in our Racial Equity Framework, that we want to be with you along every step of the journey. We want to ensure that your organization spends the needed time in knowledge and introspection before moving to action. We believe this is the authentic approach, and minimizes your risk of doing harm.

But, we also recognize the diverse needs of organizations, and perhaps you’ve done the work, but you want a thought-leader to help you execute. Or, you aren’t even ready to start with the first two pillars, and need a thought-leader to be along-side you as you build an inclusive DEI strategy.


Schedule a free 15-minute consultation to talk this through together, and determine the appropriate path for your organization.