For many of us, the current pandemic along with increased civil and political unrest has given us the opportunity to pause, and perhaps even change our perspective about certain things. But, for many of us, it’s also as if we’ve hit the turbo button on our work lives. More meetings, and more problems to solve. Our innate reaction as leaders, is that we have to do it all. We have to find ways to create balance and stability at work, while also responding to the external environment that has a direct impact on our employees, colleagues and customers. How do we respond appropriately and authentically? How do we balance it all?


Does any of this sound like you?  •  Let us help you!

Feeling overwhelmed is a normal human reaction, particularly regarding the complexities of equity and social justice, and how to address them in the workplace


We believe at the intersection of most diversity, equity, and inclusion matters are racial dynamics. Successful DEI initiatives require an understanding of the history of racism, the origins of White Supremacy in America, and the structure and dynamics of privilege. And while this sounds scary, it doesn’t have to be! 

We have built a Racial Equity Framework to guide leaders and organizations through the important work of achieving a racially equitable workplace. It’s a journey, not a destination! We recognize traditional D&I training and initiatives are not achieving the desired results, so we took a transformative approach to create a framework that works!

Colleagues Working Together
Dancing Hands



When we know better we do better. We cannot solve a problem we do not understand.


Reflect and grow in your understanding of biases, policies, and structure that disadvantage BIPOC.


Create a plan to achieve systems change that leads to a more equitable workplace.